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Old Faith -- FWG for 7/16/2022

I missed a week or two. I've been traveling and just started my MA program at Western Colorado University, so I've been super busy. In fact, I wrote this week's entry sitting at the bar in the Alamo in Gunnison, CO. Pardon any typos, please.

The story is inspired by:

Old Faith

The clouds part but once a year to reveal the face of Father Yeii. His coutenance glaring down on us reminds us of our obligation to his betrothed, Mother T'oodi, princess of the Earthly realm.

On the appointed day, though, K'os, the jealous Cloud Brother, refused his duty and layered clouds upon clouds all day. Shaman Hataali, his reputation with the Council of Elders hanging in the balance, ordered me to climb the Stone Spire and find a way to part the clouds.

I had no idea what to do, but as his apprentice, I was bound to follow his demands. So I climbed.

The clouds soaked my clothes and made the stones slippery, but I climbed on. By late afternoon I reached Yeii's face. I must admit it was not as impressive up close as it appeared from the ground.

The nose and eyes that made up the face from below appeared to be nothing more than normal crags and fractures of the rock. My faith in Shaman Hataali's gospel shattered as thoroughly as Yeii's stone lips.

I learned that day, through fervent prayer to the old god of sunlight, Johonaa'ei, who truly rules the Realms of Heaven.

Johonaa'ei heard my treaty and burned away the clouds of K'os and bathed the false god Yeii in his golden light.

Tonight I tell my tale to the Elders. Tomorrow I will be Shaman.

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