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“What Does a Locket Lock?” – FWG Flash Fiction for4/13/2024

Lots of options for this prompt:


Jason stumbled when Denise pushed him.

“What—” he started, then saw her bend over where he had been walking.

“You almost stepped on it,” she said as she straightened up and held the pendant up to the light of the moon.

Jason squinted at it, then looked down at the weathered boards of the rental house’s deck. “How did you even see that?”

Denise shrugged. “I…don’t know. I wasn’t even looking down there…” Her voice trailed off and Jason gave her a quizzical look. Denise took a deep breath. “I didn’t see it, I heard it. I can’t explain it, but I swear I heard a voice in my head—”

She stopped and stared at the ornate piece crafted from twists of brass wire and a scratched green stone. After a second, she started nodding, then looked at Jason with wide eyes.

“Amazing, right?” When she saw the confusion on his face, she said, “Didn’t you hear it?”

“Ah, hear what?”

“The Genie!” she practically shouted, then rubbed the green stone three times with her thumb, then shoved it against his ear. “Listen!”

Jason’s eyes went wide in surprise for a moment, then his eyes glazed over and his whole body stiffened. Denise yanked the pendant away from him, but it was too late.

His face broke into a wide grin and he turned to her with eyes that glowed red.

“Aaahhh!” he said as he wiggled his fingers and flexed the muscles of his arms. “This is a nice body.” His voice was deep, not at all like Jason’s. “Let’s assume you’ll use your three wishes to keep me from killing you, eating you, and stealing your body.”

The genie walked into the dark.


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