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Lady 355 -- Mother of Freedom (The Enclave Series #2)

Lady 355 -- Mother of Freedom (The Enclave Series #2)


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The Culper Ring was George Washington’s group of spies in New York during the American Revolution. Despite having provided the intelligence that saved the fledgling nation on at least three occasions, the identity of one of the ring’s key members still remains a mystery to this day. She is known only by the code “Lady...355”, although she was instrumental in providing critical intelligence from deep within the British officer corps.

In this "fast-paced" adventure, young Sarah Harkin grows from a precocious troublemaker into an operative for the ancient secret order known as The Enclave. Her first assignment takes her deeply undercover into the heart of the British High Command where, through her training, intelligence, and daring she uncovers secrets critical to the survival of the fledgling nation. Sarah, a "James Bond kind of spy," can honestly be called The Mother of Freedom. But, the ultimate outcome of her adventures will haunt her for the next two centuries. This is her story.

"Lady 355: Mother of Freedom" is a fictionalization of actual events that occurred during the American Revolution. The story is centered around the fictional Sarah Harkin as the mysterious "Lady...355", and as a result the contributions of the other members of the Culper Ring, who were real persons, have unfortunately been diminished in this telling of their story.

Note that this book has elements of physical violence and sexual situations.

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