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You can pre-order the next Enclave series book on Amazon

The launch date is set! The second book in The Enclave series, "Lady 355 -- Mother of Freedom" will be available for Kindle and paperback on February 7, 2020. The Kindle edition can be pre-ordered on Amazon now, in fact.

The Culper Ring was George Washington’s group of spies in New York during the American Revolution. Despite having provided the intelligence that saved the fledgling nation on at least three occasions, the identity of one of the ring’s key members still remains a mystery to this day. Known only by the code “Lady...355”, Sarah Harkin, an operative for the secret order known as The Enclave, can honestly be called The Mother of Freedom. This is her story.

Chapter 1

Sarah Harkin stood in the back corner of the classroom facing the row of pegs that, come winter, would be full of the children’s heavy coats. Now though, only the girls’ mobcaps and the boys’ felt hats hung there.

She would rather have been outside, but Mrs. Withers knew that, so there she stood staring at the teacher’s cap and shawl hanging in front of her. She shifted from foot to foot as she imagined what prank she could play on her strict teacher.

“Stop fidgeting, child!” Mrs. Withers snapped the willow switch against the top of her desk.

Sarah froze while some of the other children snickered under their breath. She didn’t want to feel that across her backside again. One thrashing didn’t deserve a note home to her parents, but two certainly would. And her father’s response to yet another report about her behavior would be far worse than three whacks with the willow branch.

Hold still. Hold still!

The tension built inside her, commanding her to move. She seemed to always be in motion.

Tonight. Tonight will be a good time to tell everyone the Widow Withers’s secret. You won’t be so high and mighty when everyone knows what I know about you.

I'll keep you updated as the launch date gets closer.

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