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“Tuho’s Warning” – FWG Flash Fiction for 6/8/2024

We should listen more closely to what the world is telling us.


The prompt is:






The monitoring station across the bay from Mount Tuho needed servicing. The mountain had been erupting a stream of white steam continuously for as far back as The Peoples’ memories. Ten years ago, researchers from the mainland came to their village and installed their GPS-enabled seismological sensors and satellite uplinks on the far side of the island. They hired Kaui’i to tend to it once a year.

She beached her canoe and slogged through the knee-deep water along the shore. In her backpack, she carried batteries and data cards to replace ones she installed a year ago. Stopping, she let the ripples of the quiet bay lap against her shins, staring up at the mountain’s angry crags and the fountain of poisonous breath that shot into the clouds above.

Kaui’i took a deep breath, tasting the sulfurous compounds brewed in the belly of the Earth. She had been chosen by her people for this task because she, alone among her generation, could safely let Tuho’s breath transport her to the spirit realm. This year, Tuho did not disappoint her.

As the world swirled in her vision, a deep voice called to her from the water. A great whale breached the surface and, in a language that only became clear when Kaui’i breathed more deeply, spoke to her.

“Kaui’i of the Faithful People, your clan alone has kept alive your connection to the Earth and the spirits who dwell within it. Thus we give you this warning. Tuho, the great spirit of the mountain, is angry and tired of being watched so closely. It has decided that, with the next full moon, it will send its mountain high into the sky to block out the sun for a year. Tell your people.”

Kaui’i dropped the backpack and ran for her canoe. 




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