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The Tarot Reading -- FWG Flash Fiction for 7/22/2023

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

I've had a long history with the Tarot. It never ended well. Here's this week's prompt


“I don’t believe in that stuff.” Stacy smirked as Jenn shuffled the deck.

“You don’t have to believe,” Jenn chided her. “Just think of the question you want answered.”

“Is it like a birthday cake? I shouldn’t say it out loud.”

Jenn frowned. “It doesn’t matter. The cards will know either way.”

“Sure. Okay.” Stacy made a thinking-hard face.

Shaking her head, Jenn handed the cards to Stacy. “Think about your question while you shuffle.”

She wasn’t an expert, but Stacy managed to rifle-shuffle the deck a couple times.

With eyes closed, Jenn took the deck and started to deal out a ten-card Celtic cross.

“Oh…Oh, my.”

“What?” Stacy’s curiosity was piqued, despite herself.

“Your past, present, and future are clear.” Jenn looked Stacy in the eye. “You want to know how to get Bobby back, right?”

Jenn flushed pink. “Sure. That wasn’t hard to guess.”

Stacy ignored the jab. Instead she continued. “Your immediate future is…not satisfactory. Bobby’s dating someone else, right?”

“That bitch, Rosie. She’s—”

“But your goal, indicated by the Above card…” she flipped the another card, “is to get him back?” That’s not what the card said at all.

“Uh, well…” Jenn hesitated. “I’d rather torpedo this ‘New-found Love.’ He’s a total—”

Stacy quickly dealt the next card. It was the Hanging Man. “Your Below card says you’re in a very dark place.”

“I want those two to rot in Hell.”

The vehemence in Jenn’s voice shocked Stacy just as she laid down the rest of the spread. She gasped when the final Outcome card was revealed—Death. In her mind, she heard the squealing of brakes and the crunch of metal.

Stacy read the headline in the morning’s newspaper: COUPLE DIES IN CRASH CROSSING RAILWAY. She tossed the Tarot deck into the fireplace.

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