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The Seven Portals -- FWG Flash Fiction for 10/7/2023

How universal is the "Roy G. Biv" mnemonic? Here's the prompt for that questions:

The Seven Portals

The Seven Portals stretched out before Jasmine. Her family gathered around her but stood back as if both proud and somehow frightened. Mother cried openly while Father stood proudly with his chest puffed out. Siring this year’s Chosen One would bring his family riches for generations to come. Losing a girl-child to the Innermost Portal was an almost insignificant price to pay.

As Jasmine hesitatingly passed through the archway of the first portal, young, crimson-clad attendants of the First Order rushed out to encircle her and pull her homespun shift over her head. When they finished their ministrations, she wore a flowing gown of red silk, undoubtedly worth more than Father, his father, and his father had earned in their entire lives. Satin slippers—the first real shoes Jasmine had ever worn—caressed her newly scrubbed feet.

Chanting incantations, the First Order attendants led her to the Second Portal, where acolytes, dressed in pale orange silks, waited. Behind her, she heard the tinkling of tossed coins and the gathered crowd scrambling after them. Thus, the Maharajah of the Seven Portals paid for the village’s sacrifice.

Over several weeks, as Jasmine learned each of her courtly duties, she progressed through each Portal. Rewarded at each with citrine earrings, yellow topaz hung from a septum ring, and an emerald choker. Next came a blue topaz navel pendant, then a lapis lazuli pinky ring for her right hand and, finally, an amethyst ring for her left. Thus adorned, she entered the Innermost Portal and knelt before the Maharajah’s throne.

“Rise,” said the wrinkled old man who reclined on his pillow-covered seat.

After a moment’s rheumy examination, the ancient ruler grunted his approval, and the eldest of the Innermost attendants led Jasmine into the hareem, from which she would never emerge.

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In "The Seven Portals," a captivating FWG Flash Fiction piece dated 10/7/2023, the narrative unfolds with an intriguing blend of mystery and fantasy. As the story weaves its magic, emerges as a crucial element, seamlessly integrated into the plot. The tale explores how the characters navigate through seven enchanting portals, each portal representing a different dimension of care and support.

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