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Second Lesson -- FWG Flash Fiction for 8/25/2023

This was a fun one, "Second Lesson." The prompt is:


The cottage—Josie couldn’t think of anything else to call it—looked like something out of a Smurf cartoon. Despite it’s tiny size and shuttered windows, a welcoming lantern burned at the door.

“A mushroom cottage,” the old woman had said. This certainly qualified.

Josie climbed the stone steps and raised her hand to knock. Before she could, though, the double oak doors creaked open and the old woman from the Faire waved her in.

“Come in, My Dear. I’m glad you found my humble home.” The crone barked a cackling laugh.

Josie reluctantly bent down to fit through the door. When she did, though, she stopped and stared, dumbfounded. The interior was much bigger than the exterior and ornately decorated with gilded moldings and bronze statues.

“Close your mouth, Child. You look a fool.”

“But, the outside—”

“Just a trick o’ the light. No sense giving away your secrets. That’s your First Lesson. That’s what you’re here for, no?”

Josie nodded. “Yes. I want to learn magic. Healing spells and love potions!”

“Love potions?” the old woman scoffed. “You’ll learn to cook and clean first.”

Josie frowned. “I cook and clean now.”

The crone chuckled. “Not the way I do.”

She waved a pattern in the air and a broom, bucket, and mop stepped out of a closet and they danced a ballet around the room. When they finished, the floor gleamed.

“Yes!” Josie clapped her hands in delight. “Teach me how to do th—”

Before she could finish, one hand held a feather duster and the other a polishing cloth. The witch twitched her fingers, and an irresistible urge to dust every nook and cranny of the room overtook Josie.

“There’s always a price to pay for using magic,” the crone cackled. “That’s your Second Lesson.”

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