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Sebastian's Ghost -- FWG Flash Fiction for 10/14/2023

I loved this prompt and the story just popped into my head. In fact, I think it might be an opening scene for a long piece. Imagine the complications Sebastian would face after inhabiting the body of a serial killer? Right!?!

Here's the prompt:


The wind whistled through the ruins of the crumbling gate in the light of the full moon. Skeletal trees just shivered, having long before given up their leaves to the unrelenting gale. Centuries before, the builders had anchored the monastery’s gate and its defending turret to the weathered bedrock on the mountaintop. The chapel and cloister had long since fallen to rubble, but the gate clung tenaciously to the native rock.

Sebastian’s ghost was also tethered to the barren location, trapped there since the monk died on the point of a barbarian’s sword. His only entertainment was singing harmonies with the whistling wind, the only influence over the material world it seemed he could muster.

Sebastian was in particularly good voice the night Angie and her date showed up, which she seemed to appreciate as she hummed along. For the first time in five hundred years, Sebastian felt a connection to a living soul, and when her eyes followed him as he flitted around within the confines of the ruins, he was shocked to realize she could see him. The small smile that touched her lips when he waved to her confirmed it.

Her date, though, wasn’t interested in a sing-along with the ghost of a dead monk. No, his sole reason for being there was to get Angie alone and isolated, where no one could hear her screams. He grabbed Angie from behind, but she wriggled free and raced into Sebastian’s domain.

When the actual monster followed her, Sebastian blocked his way, sinking deeply into his essence, taking possession of the evil one’s body, and shackling his soul to the stone gateway.

Angie, witnessing the transformation, took the new Sebastian by the hand, and they ran from the cursed spot to the wails of its new resident.

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