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Reset -- FWG Flash Fiction for 5/7/2022

I've taken a few weeks off for a variety of reasons, but I'm resuming this week. This one is inspired by a couple things: a recent vacation to Montana, bingeing the Netflix series "Lucifer" and watch an show on the Science channel about ways the world could end. Oh, and by this picture.


Number five. He hadn't been to a reunion like this in...he didn't even want to do the math. He also didn't want to think about what happened the last time.

The cottage was a patchwork of stone and wood, the latest owners having done their best to make it attractive to vacationers.

The summons he received that brought him to this rental home was not something he could ignore. He wasn't surprised to find the house already occupied by his summoner.

She was stunning. To mortals irresistible, to him a whole lot of bad memories.

"What do you want, Mother?"

The woman frowned, then smiled. "Do I need a reason to talk to my son?"

"When bringing two of us together could end the world? I would think so."

"Pshaw! Never bought into that nonsense."

"The Black Death? Ice Ages? Tunguska? Chicxulub? All perpetrated after a meeting with Daddy?"

"Coincidences all." She waved her hand dismissively.

"Yet you summon me to this place. Wyoming. Yellowstone. Atop a supervolcano. Is that a coincidence, too?"

She shrugged as the first rumblings started beneath their feet. "Religious hatred, ethnic cleansing, global warming, nuclear weapons, pandemics. It's time for a reset, don't you think."

His shock was clear on his face. "I won't be a party to this," he shouted, but stood in place, unable to move. The rumblings beneath their feet grew into tremors.

"Sorry, but your father and I are in agreement on this one."

The floor, the house, the town, and half the state fell straight down into the supervolcano's magma chamber before being flashed into ash and launched into the stratosphere with the force of ten thousand hydrogen bombs.

"Time to go home, my son," she said and they faded from this plane as our world came to an end.

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