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Mirror, Mirror -- FWG Flash Fiction for 9/9/2023

I used this prompt for my latest submission to Writers of the Future, so I went the total opposite direction with this one.

The prompt is:

Mirror, Mirror

Sarah struck a pose in front of the mirror, hand on one hip, the other popped, front foot on her toe to get a nice knee bend. She needed a cover photo for her latest spell book.

“Mirror, Mirror—"

“Do we need to go through it again?” A bored voice echoed from the depths of the mirror.

“Of course we do. You know I have low self esteem.”

“Low self esteem?” Mirror mumbled. “Compared to Elon Musk, maybe.”

“Who is the fairest, yada, yada?”

Mirror made a sound like it was clearing its nonexistent throat. “You—no, wait. Um. I’m picking up a different vibe. Oh, wow. Yeah, no doubt about it. Your cousin, Maddy, just turned eighteen. She’s eligible for consideration now.”

“Maddy?!?” Sarah screeched. “That scrawny—” Mirror showed Maddy’s latest IG post. “OMG! She grew up, didn’t she?” Sarah’s shocked expression turned devious. “Well, we’ll have to have her over to celebrate, won’t we.”


Maddy’s smile lit up the room. “Thank you so much for having me over. Lunch was great.”

Her plate, which she had heaped high with every fattening food and dessert Sarah had enchanted, sat empty. Sarah’s, on the other hand, was still full.

“And thanks for all those treats you sent. That gelato was amazing. I couldn’t stop eating it all.”

Sarah frowned. “You ate it all already?” Her enchantments on it should have blown Maddy up like a balloon.

“Yup. It’s a good thing I read your book about spells to keep you thin.” She raised an eyebrow and met Sarah’s eye. “Reversing those fatting spells you put on it was a real challenge.”

Sarah shifted uncomfortably in her chair, suddenly a bit nauseous.

“And the chapter on poisons was especially interesting.”

She looked over at Mirror who just winked.

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