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“Maltese Excursion” – FWG Flash Fiction for 6/1/2024

The megalithic stone temples on the island of Malta truly are a mystery and are more ancient than any other existing structures in the world.

This week’s prompt is:






“Why am I thinking of The Flintstones?” Jimmy said.

His cynical tone grated on Charlotte’s nerves, but he was paying for this vacation, so…

“You’re not wrong.”

They stood at the foot of a mound on the island of Malta. The stone building, built at least six thousand years ago, was made entirely of slabs of stone.

“Each of those stones weighs several tons,” Charlotte continued. “No one knows how the moved th—”

“Aliens. Clearly it was aliens.” Jimmy grinned. “Or maybe they were giants. You know, like the Cyclops guy?”

Try as she might, Charlotte couldn’t let his ignorance pass. “The cyclops legend originated with the Greeks, at least two millennia after these temples were built. Giants, though. You may be onto something there.”

“Really?” Jimmy sounded proud of himself.

“Well, the myths of giants go back at least to the Book of Enoch and the epic of Gilgamesh.” Jimmy’s blank stare told Charlotte all she needed to know. “Let’s go inside,” she said conspiratorially.

Jimmy nodded enthusiastically and followed her around the back and over the rope blocking the door. She led him to the exact center of the small room. Charlotte’s lips moved as she reverently ran her fingers over the inscribed symbols that covered the walls. A low hum issued from the stone walls as she read, then paused.

“Today’s the Winter Solstice,” she whispered. “When the setting sun shines right through that portal in the wall, there.”

Caught up in the mystery of the moment, Jimmy asked, “What happens then?”

“That’s when…” She finished the incantation in the almost-forgotten language as the portal amplified the sunlight to laser intensity and Jimmy burst into flame. “…the ancient gods claim their sacrifice.”



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