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Just One Night? -- FWG Flash Fiction for 8/21/2022

I missed last week since Carly and I were on a cruise and the WiFi sucked. But here's this week's entry--a tiny portal fantasy that hopefully will make you smile.

Inspired by:

Just One Night?

“It’s a bit cartoonish.” James looked at the small wooden building with a frown. “And it’s…tiny.”

“Oh, come on. It’s cute.” Jessica’s eyes sparkled as she looked at the fairy tale cottage.

Its architecture was reminiscent of a Norwegian lodge, with a steep, curved roof, board-and-batten walls, and a rough-cut door set within a hewn log frame. Two small windows and a side dormer provided light to what must be a single room inside.

“Well, it is just for one night,” James said.

Jessica took his hand and, with an inviting smile, opened the cottage door. A moment later, they both gasped at what they saw inside.

“This isn’t possible,” James finally managed to say.

“It’s…magical,” was all Jessica could reply.

A raucous crowd filled the tavern inside the tiny structure that was many times larger on the inside than on the outside. A young serving girl, her sunshine-blond braids falling over her shoulders, walked past carrying two tankards of ale in each hand.

“Close the door,” she shouted over the noise, then stopped, sniffed the burly men sitting at the closest table, and made a face. “Nay, better leave it open, eh?”

She slammed the steins down on the oak table amid the men’s guffaws. Hardly even noticing, she slapped away a couple of wandering hands as she turned to Jessica and James.

“If you’re gonna leave the portal open for the wide world ta see, ya should at least close yer mouths.”

The two visitors’ mouths snapped shut.

“I’m Helga, as ya might ‘spect,” she said as she reached around and eased the door closed. “Best not to let the riff-raff get a peak, eh? So, you’ll be wi’ us just one night, then?”

“Ah…” Jessica caught her breath. “How long can we stay?”

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