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It's a Job -- FWG Flash Fiction for 8/27/2021

A light-hearted one this week inspired by:

It's a Job

It was a job. A crappy job, but hey, beggars can't be choosers, right? My classmates all passed their exams and had real fairy jobs: pollinating flowers, tormenting gnomes, or other fairy things. Me, I was stuck cleaning some human's camera, just because I drank too much evening dew and overslept. They may have passed, but they're not famous like I am. Normally, l just clean the lens and viewfinder, but this once my human left the lens off and I wanted to see what was inside. I climbed inside the camera to get behind the SLR mirror to the CCD array. That's the guts of the camera that takes the picture. I figured I'd better do a good job, since I couldn't afford another screwup. That's when things got really interesting. I didn't notice the sirens at first. There are ten million pixels to clean on this thing, so I was focused on the task at hand. But then everything went dark and I was thrown around inside. My human had stuck the lens back on and picked the darn thing up. I was trapped. The camera swung from its strap as my human ran through the apartment and out onto the balcony. When the swinging stopped, I managed to crawl back around the mirror, make myself two dimensional, and slip past the bayonet mount. That's when I became famous. As I swelled back to my 3-D shape, I forgot to say the invisibility spell before my human snapped the photo that went viral and now has over a billion views. There I am in all my glory, wings extended, floating in the air, smiling into the camera. Our secret is out. We do exist.

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