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Flash Fiction Entry for Fiction Writers Group 191207

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

The Fiction Writers Group that I'm a member of has a 300-word flash fiction competition each week inspired by a photo prompt. This week's photo is:

300 words

The strike team took up position along the tree line. A mid-day assault was rare, but they had trained for this exact mission.

“All assets in position,” Jessie, the strike team leader whispered into her throat mike.

In response, a three-dimensional schematic of the strange pair of buildings appeared as an augmented reality overlay on his visor. Jessie and all members of her team had already memorized every aspect of their targets towering before them. The AR display would effectively give them x-ray vision as potential threats were identified in real-time along their ingress and egress routes.

With a whispered, “Execute” her team broke from cover and crossed the open park land to the patio between the towers. Their targets were directly above their heads in the overhanging structures bulging from the sides of the buildings, looking like they had been designed by a child with their Lego blocks.

Like a well-rehearsed ballet, half of Jessie’s team split off for the shorter tower on the left, while the remainder headed for the other one. Both squads set their charges on the locked service doors and stepped clear, awaiting Jessie’s chopping hand signal before blowing open the doors. With her hand raised, Jessie verified that all of her team were clear.

Before she could chop her hand, a deep-throated rumbling issued from the overhanging structures above the assault team. Jessie knew their efforts would be in vain. They were too late! The portal was already opening.

This can’t be happening. The Quislings who sold out our species and built this abomination can’t..won’t win.

“All firepower focused on the glowing ports!”

Every member of the team fired all they had at the bulls eyes. The resulting flash was brighter than the sun.

“That’s why this crater is still here,” the guide explained.

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