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Fiction Writers Group Flash Fiction for January 4, 2020

The Fiction Writers Group on Facebook posts a weekly writing prompt picture. This week's is:

Here is my entry.

“Midnight Feasting”, 304 words, vampiric fantasy, PG-13

Lanmera gazed across the river gorge from the balcony of his private chambers in the castle keep. His body ached with the need to shift.

Not yet. Lights are still burning.

He heard her silent footsteps crossing the stone floor behind him. Her icy fingers burned him as she drew them done his naked back. Her thoughts burned into his mind.

What will you bring me tonight?

Bring us, you mean. I thought this was a partnership.

Her lips brushed his neck as she closed off her thoughts and whispered in his ear, “Of course, my love. We will even share eternity together.”

Closing his own mind, he turned to face her. As a moth to a flame, she drew him to her. Their nakedness each burning the other with exquisite pain.

“Will it be soon, dearest?”

Her petulance annoyed him as it always did. He knew the hunger he saw in her eyes was not for him. Sending his awareness out across the roiling river, he searched the village for his prize. Though she could feel his absence, she could not yet follow him.

What do you see?

He kept his thoughts silent.

There! The prize, the one who occupied his dreams was safely abed and alone. Satisfied that his secret desire was safe, he then peered into the inn whose guest rooms were full this night. Alone, a young man sat hunched over his journal in the candlelight. He opened his thoughts to her.

Oh, yes. He will do nicely.

Her bloodlust did not bother him for he too, felt its pull. That the yearning he felt in her thoughts was no longer directed at him saddened him, though. Without a word, he broke their embrace, turned to the balcony, and in the space of two strides he shifted and took flight.

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