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Fiction Writers Group Flash Fiction -- 191228

Every week, the Fiction Writers Group Facebook group posts a flash fiction visual prompt. This weeks prompt is:

Here's my entry:

“Twelve More Years”

Jessica entered John’s office dressed to the nines. She worked on her legs every morning in the gym, so why not show them off in a short skirt and Christian Louboutin pumps?

Father Dan looked up from the dry bar where he was pouring three bourbons. Jessica snapped him a smile and flirtatious wink. John just looked askance as she strutted across the carpet.

“Where are you singing this evening?” John asked.

Jessica slid her right leg over her left as she accepted a glass from Dan. “Phoenixville will be hoppin’ tonight. I’ll find a good band and get some young stud to buy me drinks.”

John grinned and shook his head, but Dan looked more serious. “Just be careful. Lots of date rape drugs floating around out there.”

Jessica shrugged. “I can take care of myself, Father. It’s the boys who need to beware.”

John spoke up, “I believe that.”

They all took sips of their Blanton’s before Jessica asked, “You guys doing anything special to ring in 2020?” Dan shook his head and John just lifted his glass in salute. “Father, isn’t there some prophecy or something for this year?”

“Not that I’m aware of,” Dan answered. He started to say something else but stopped. Jessica caught his hesitation and raised a questioning eyebrow. “At least not yet.”

He had both John’s and Jessica’s attention. “Did our friend tell you something?” John asked.

“Not exactly.” Dan looked decidedly uncomfortable.

Jessica leaned forward. “Come on, Dan! Spill it. What did He tell you?”

“Nothing, I said!” Dan was agitated. “Nothing directly.” He calmed down. “I just keep thinking we have twelve more years.”

Recognition dawned on John’s face, but Jessica looked confused. “Twelve more years?”

“Remember, He was thirty-two when they nailed Him to the cross.”

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