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Evidence? What Evidence? -- FWG Flash Fiction for 9/25/2020

I might have gone off the rails on this one, but sometimes you just have to say it.

Evidence? What Evidence?

The jet was surprisingly symmetrical. That’s what brought the research ship there. Coronal mass eruptions, those stellar belches that vomit millions of tons of ionized atoms and their subatomic constituents into space, normally get bent and twisted by the sun’s intense magnetic fields. This one, though, maintained an impossible symmetry despite, or because of, those very fields.

The scientists measured and probed and measured again. Their bafflement was profound when they realized what appeared to be a complete stream of about the Earth’s mass was, in fact, only half a stream. The missing mass seemed to be disappearing behind a fold in space-time that reflected the image of the half-stream that remained in our universe.

The next surprising finding was the source of impetus for the massive flow of matter. Rather than those atoms being expelled by the sun, they were found to be accelerating as they disappeared behind the dimensional wall. Like water down a drain, the sun’s very mass was being sucked into oblivion.

The scientists wrote a report but their funding was cut, so they wrote another one costing them more funding. Their next one cost them their jobs, then their reputations. When the Sun darkened and the Earth began to cool, though, others noticed. When the Great Lakes froze over in July, San Francisco was blanketed with a foot of snow—but at least the fires were out. Glaciers advanced, covering Canada and driving the entire population of the country south…and nobody noticed.

Finally, the researchers released their report, but the public scoffed and called it fake science. Congress held hearings, passed resolutions, and insisted that, regardless of all empirical evidence, the Sun was not dimming, the climate was not changing, and there was no Global Cooling!

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