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Embraced by the Light -- FWG Flash Fiction for 8/21/2021

I missed last week, but we're back on track this week. This week I'm feeling a bit like our...hero? But, nevertheless, here's this week's prompt:

Embraced by the Light

He fought hard to arrive at this place at this moment. The last encounter with his pursuers had him surrounded, but a turn through the fourth dimension left nothing but a shimmer in the air. That was the last of his tricks, though. He was drained from the constant pursuit, drained of magic, left with only the hope of rescue. He arrived before dawn on what the runes said was the appointed day, but the scroll’s instructions were both vague and critical. Bathe in the light. Fill it with your presence to come home So he stood for hours as the sun’s rays streamed through the high window. It blinded his eyes, then warmed his head, neck, and shoulders as it rose in the sky. When the warmth reached his waist though, a disturbance in the street outside woke him from his stupor. His pursuers were searching door to door, but he had neither the strength nor the will to do anything but accept his fate. As his knees warmed, the door to the street burst open. His adversaries were methodical, having been fooled many times by his tricks. They cleared the first floor when the sun reached his ankles. Then the second floor as it touched his instep. There, the advance halted. The searchers climbed the stairs to his floor, and the sunlight began to retreat. The man turned to the door, more curious than frightened. Perhaps he had read the runes wrong after all. Footsteps approached his door when his shadow, cast in the window's glow, caught his eye. The portal's outline formed the shape of a head and shoulders perfectly matching his. The door flew open as he shuffled backwards into the light’s embrace. Guns boomed, but their bullets met nothing but the stone wall.

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