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“All the Comforts of Home” -- FWG Flash Fiction for 3/2/2024

This one struck me as funny. We’ll see what you think.

The prompt is:


The fog hid the shack until Joe and Sue were right on top of it. It sat in a small clearing deep in the woods.

“That’s…bizarre,” Sue said. “Strange place for a party, isn’t it?”

“And why is it out here in the middle of nowhere?” Joe’s voice carried more than a hint of apprehension.

Sue eyed the scary-looking jack-o-lantern glowing next to the front porch. “Steve’s Halloween parties are always out-there, but this one’s the creepiest. But I guess if you’re going to have a Halloween party, you won’t find a better place for it.”

“Interesting…architecture,” Joe muttered as he pointed to the moss-covered roof and walls made from planks of every size and shape. “It looks like they built it from scraps of wood they found lying around.”

They were so intent on studying the structure, neither saw a third person approach from the around the corner.

“Cozy, isn’t it?” Steve walked up smiling, and they shook hands. My uncle Sal was a strange bird, all right. He built this place himself.” Steve turned to admire the shack.

“Not a carpenter, huh?” Sue couldn’t hide her sarcasm.

Steve gave a little annoyed sniff. “He made it look crappy on the outside so that not even homeless people would use it when he’s not here. It’s nicer inside, though. There’s even a second-floor bedroom that you can’t see from this angle.”

Joe started for the shack, but Sue held him back. She eyed the monstrosity above the porch nervously. It was a tall, narrow box with its own roof. It hung over the front door on spindly posts. She pointed to the crescent moon cut into one wall.

“Why do you have an outhouse up in the air?”

“Oh,” Steve said with a grin, “that’s the en suite bathroom.”


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