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A Haunting in New Orleans -- FWG Flash Fiction for 9/30/2023

Disney's "Haunted Mansion", and the movie "A Haunting in Venice" go me thinking...

Here's the prompt:

A Haunting in New Orleans

“They do this better than Disney,” Joshua gushed. “Look at those old-timey chairs.”

Lana rolled her eyes. “This isn’t a set-up. This is exactly how Old Lady Gunnison lived before she donated the whole place to the Historical Society. I…I knew Mrs. Gunnison. I, um, used to come visit her when I was a kid.”

Josh’s eyes got wide. “I thought she was crazy.”

“No, she wasn’t!”

“But she chased away anyone who even stepped through the gate out front.”

“She had her reasons,” Lana said sullenly. Josh raised a questioning eyebrow. “She needed everything just so.” She pointed to the knickknacks on the shelves and the parlor chairs.

“Her will stipulated that, even while cleaning, nothing—and I mean nothing—should be disturbed.”

Josh got a mischievous look. “You mean like this?” He plopped down in one of the brocade-embroidered chairs.

“No!” Lana reached for his arm, but before she could pull him out of the chair, its arms swung across his torso, locking him in their grip. Scratchy jazz blared from the victrola’s horn.

“What the—”

He never finished his exclamation as ghostly figures began pouring from the victrola’s horn. They danced frenetically around the room to the Dixieland beat. The last figure to emerge was the specter of an old spinster dressed in a flapper dress and pearls. She drifted over to where Lana had backed into a corner.

“I’m sorry, Grandma. I tried to warn him.” Maniacal laughter tore Lana’s eyes away from the ghost of her grandmother. Wraiths hovered over Joshua, laughing and poking ephemeral fingers at him. As he opened his mouth to scream, the first ghost dove into it, followed in a rush by the others. As Josh faded into a specter himself, Grandma Gunnison turned away to take her turn.

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